We specialise in the maintenance, servicing and supply of cooling system components for a variety of earthmoving applications.. We have over 36 years of experience in providing fast turn around and high quality repairs and servicing to minimise equipment downtime.

Minimise Your Earthmoving Equipment Downtime

Our team understands that machinery down time is costly.  We’ve been providing quick turnaround services, repairs and full rebuilds to all types of earthmoving applications without substituting quality.  Our team specialises in cleaning, servicing, designing and engineering heavy duty cooling packs to increase performance, longevity and minimise downtime.

We provide repairs, servicing and replacement parts to suit a wide variety of earthmoving applications.

Priority Design, Manufacture and Assembling Service

Our team’s ‘can do’ attitude and priority turnaround service is why we’re trusted by industrial companies all over Queensland.

We carry an extensive range of popular underground cores, replacement tubes and associated parts in stock ready to go.  We have developed long-standing trusted supplier relationships that enables us to design, manufacture and assemble and deliver heavy duty replacement cores within 48 hours.

Original Equipment Alternative

When original equipment delivery times are unreasonable, not available or cost effective, we can provide you a solution, fast.  We have the latest design, CNC and water cutting technology to design and fabricate steel, alluminium and stainless-steel replacement bolted tanks and supports to get your equipment back up and running fast.

We provide custom engineered core designs built to suit Original Equipment applications.  Cores can be engineered and built with extra rows of cooling tubes and open fin designs for better cooling performance.  Cores can also be built utilising a ‘false row’ of tubes for superior impact protection.

We can also re-design Caterpillar module sections into a conventional steel or brass fin bolted tank variant for improved cooling performance and extended life.  We can also convert plastic tank alluminium radiators into a more suitable complete heavy-duty copper and brass assembly.  Call to discuss you custom engineered cooling solution.

Trusted Throughout Queensland

Trusted by industrial companies throughout Queensland.  We provide the following services to ensure rapid turnaround and minimum downtime:



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