Marine & Heat Exchangers

We specialise in the maintenance, servicing and supply of heat exchanger components for the Queensland marine industry. We have over 36 years of experience in providing fast turn around and high quality repairs and servicing to minimise downtime.

Minimise Your Downtime

Our team understands that down time is costly.  We’ve been providing quick turnaround services, repairs and full rebuilds to all types of marine and heat exchanger applications.

Priority Cleaning, Servicing and Repairs for Marine Cooling Applications

We provide high quality repairs, servicing and replacement parts to a wide variety of marine cooling applications including all types of heat exchangers, aftercoolers and shell transmission coolers for marine and heavy duty mining applications.  We strive to increase performance, longevity and to minimise downtime.

Approved Diecon Marine Distributor and Service Agent

Our team are trusted service agents and distributors for Diecon Marine products.  We provide priority cleaning, servicing and replacement Diecon Marine products.


Custom Heat Exchangers

Bar and plate alluminium oil, air and water radiators are becoming more common in heavy equipment and machinery applications.  Our team provide priority cleaning, repairs, modifications and replacement heat exchange units.

We keep a wide range of universal oil coolers in stock and can also engineer and manufacture and custom cooling solution to suit your needs.  Call us to discuss your cooling requirements. 



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